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Corporate Travel

Travel is a necessity to any business and trades. Of all the expenses businesses face, travel is one of the most difficult to control because of the constantly changing costs, unexpected delays, cancellations, extensions, and the complexity of booking and scheduling multiple domestic and international trips. Travel Management must be able to maximize travel savings for management and accommodate the needs of business travelers. OTF has strived and put together all their resources to provide the most comprehensive travel management available, enabling corporate business travelers to travel better, spend efficiently.


For most companies, travel policy has changed dramatically since 2008. Travel is scrutinized for necessity. (Is this travel really required? Do airlines or hotels offer the best deals?) Alternatives have been implemented such as audio or video conferencing, more telephone calls, or emails; however, the bottom line is most companies need to travel whether it is to seal the deal with the client, install or implement a new product, or conduct training, travel is a necessity, it’s an irreplaceable part of any business, as all technology put together doesn’t give you the advantage that you will get while personally meeting with people to establish new connect. The good news is that we at OTF, focus fully on our clients to give them the best and most manageable way to organize and execute their travels, taking into consideration all the aspects of travels from Visa’s, Tickets, Foreign Exchange, Euro rail passes, Hotel’s, Car’s, Insurances, all done in house under one roof with a team of personnel working for the corporate exclusively with 24 x 7 service coverage, to help the organizations to utilize travel when necessary and in the most cost-effective way.


Why does one require Corporate Travel Management

•  Fully take care of Domestic & International Ticketing for the entire    organization
•  Complete visa assistance
•  24 hours accessibility, 07 days a week, anytime, anywhere
•  Our ability to understand the global corporate traveler and his specific needs
•  Personalized service and attention to minor details with a quality check
•  Constantly updated client profiles
•  A global network through of suppliers
•  Our commitment, 100% customer satisfaction