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Marine Travel


OTF has focused on managing the specialist travel requirements of organizations in the marine, offshore and cruise industries. Our understanding of the often resource-constrained, time-critical and complex nature of the markets is second-to-none, and our ongoing commitment to understand our clients’ requirements enables us to deliver consistently high levels of quality support and reliability. Our approach is the same whether a client has a single vessel or a whole fleet. There is no better travel partner option to make your critical connections happen, worldwide.


To serve our clients more fully, we have also developed our expertise in the related areas of corporate travel, and meetings and incentives management.


OTF offers the best possible value to its clients - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide.


The key to our marine expertise is our people. The long-serving specialists around our network provide decades of insight and experience. Our staff members are often recruited from ship owners, ship managers, manning agencies, and airlines. Their inherent affinity with the marine sector is at the heart of OTF’s passion for excellence in servicing our marine clients around the world.


Our experienced and professional personnel with in-depth knowledge will assist you with all your Marine & Offshore travel related needs.


Our specialty is bringing reliability and control to marine and offshore travel. We aim to provide results by offering our clients:


Smart Travel Strategies – Proven and innovative management systems customized to the needs of each client


Powerful Management Tools – To make travel management and decision making more effective